The 1000 Man Lan was an event held during the course of Penny Arcade.

Briefing Edit

The 1000 Man Lan was an ultimate frag fest of truely epic proportions. The entire event was a competition held between the contestants until the winner takes home the trophy and $5000. Annarchy participated in this after escaping with help from her uncle, Tycho Brahe.

This area was the place that Annarchy met her first boyfriend, Galahad, after he defended her over her 'My Little Pony' computer case.

Competitors Edit

  • Annarchy
  • Bloodthirst (Beaten by Annarchy)
  • Frangenstein (Beaten by Your_Mom)
  • Galahad (Beaten by Annarchy)
  • OGO4 (Beaten by Annarchy)
  • Sawblaide (Beaten by Bloodthirst)
  • Shadowblade (Beaten by Galahad)
  • Your_Mom (Beaten by Galahad)
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