Big Kimbo and her stupid smug expression and Abby's arms in mouth


Abby succumbs to the wishes of her replacement arms

Abby Howard
competed in Strip Search. She was born to a family of cursed werewolf-vampires in the summer of '92. At a young age, she was abducted by a band of circus performers and was forced to pursue a career in lion taming. When she lost both her arms to her favorite lion, Big Kimbo, she signed up for experimental arm-transplant surgery, and was given the arms of a famous web cartoonist, which also magically cured her of her werewolf problems. The arms persuaded Abby to give up her dreams of lion taming and take up cartooning. Abby was pretty okay with this. So she began the biggest journey of her life-- the journey of becoming the Next Great Web Cartoonist. She unwittingly entered the gruelling admission process to become a member of the cast of Strip Search, and fought her way through every challenge, killing all those who stood in her way out of pure necessity. Many friendships and spines were broken on her way to the top twelve, but she made it, and there she stands to this day. Some say you can still hear her haunting melody whistling through the treetops on cloudy days.

Abby Howard is tired of these Motherfucking Pineapples.

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