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This article is about the character from the webcomic, Penny Arcade. For information on the World of Warcraft guild, see Annarchy (guild).

Annarchy (Real name: Anna Claire Forthwith) is the eleven year old niece of Tycho Brahe and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forthwith, both of whom she greatly despises when compared to the closeness and camaraderie she has with her uncle.


Ann losing herself to the fangirl within.

In her own words, Anna Claire Forthwith is a "hardcore gamer". She has apparently played the original Final Fantasies on the Famicom in the original Japanese, which scared her uncle, Tycho, a bit. She has wanted to go to E3 for a long time. She got her dream when she was offered to hide in a suitcase, which she accepted and did.

Later on, she wanted to go to the 1000 Man Lan, to which Tycho helped out in his usual manner, via the use of a grappling hook. At the lan, she met up with Galahad after he defended her about her Little Pony case. They battled in the finals and soon hooked up together.

Afterwards, she met up with Johnathan Gabriel who talked to her about World of Warcraft, despite Tycho's disapproval. Gabe informed her about the supposed female players who were actually male players in disguise.

As her and Galahad's first Valentine's day was coming up, she asked Tycho for help. He was willing to give her advice, but then gave her a t-shirt saying "stay the fuck away from my niece". She believed his aims were sabotage. Recently she has broken up with Galahad during the "Armadeadon" arc.

In the "Dungeon Mistress" arc, she has shown to have aged somewhat to an older teenager. She hosts a Dungeons and Dragons with Cyn, Bex, and Galahad. Galahad tries to confess that he has always loved her, but Ann seems much too focused on the game to acknowledge this.

In Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness, she appears as a mechanically-gifted support character, variously armed with a flamethrower and the "Big Bang Theory", a devastating satellite-based attack of her own invention.


  • She is based on comic artist Mike Krahulik's niece.
  • The reason she posses the last name Forthwith rather than Brahe is apparently due to her father forsaking the name as well as the family.

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