Doctor Feelgood

Cast: Doctor Feelgood, Gamer, Doctor

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Doctor Feelgood is stood behind the desk.}
Feelgood: I'm a Doctor. You can tell because I have a white coat and a lot of doctor type shit everywhere. We doctors recently did a study proving that violent videogames, drinking, and getting super high are correlated.
Feelgood: Let's look at some of our methodology.

Panel 2

{Scene change. A doctor is sat on the Gamer's bed with a checklist. THe gamer has a pizza box next to himself.}
Doctor: What are you doing?
Gamer: Playing GTA.
Doctor: You wanna get high?

Panel 3

{The checklist is shown.}
Is There A Videogame Anywhere in The Room? (yes is ticked)
Did The Subject Roll It Up/Light It Up? (yes or no)
Did The Subject Fuck Up The Rotation? (yes or no)
Does The Subject, Like, Love You Man? (yes or no)
Does The Subject Have A Song You Totally Have To Listen To? (yes or no)

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