Video Games on Trial

Cast: Lawyer, Pac-Man

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A lawyer has his arms crossed behind his back and is looking into the background.}
Lawyer: Tell the court truthfully, Mr. Man: Did you not lead young Mr. Carneal into a world of virtual violence?
Pac-Man: Well, I don't know if...

Panel 2

{Lawyer turns out and points.}
Lawyer: And isn't it also true that your adventures in that amoral digital underworld primed him to be a ruthless killer?

Panel 3

{Pac-Man is in a witness box.}
Pac-Man: Look, that kid was fucked up when I met him.

Fun Facts Edit

  • "Video Games on Trial" has the very first swear word, fucking.
  • It also has the first video game character put into the comic.
  • This also does not feature either Gabe for the first time.

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