And Lo

Cast: Soulless Dragon

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Panel 1

{Soulless dragon has his hands in the air. Box at top.}
Box: Blizzard added a new "Resting" system to World of Warcraft, which is the source of much controversy.
Dragon: Why, Blizzard? Soulless Dragon demands to knooooow!

Panel 2

{Dragon clenches his fists and looks at the audience.}
Dragon: If I want to grind mobs for fifteen hours, while everything that makes me a person is worn away, so be it! Soulless Dragon has spoken!

Panel 3

{Dragon stops clenching fists and looks away from the audience.}
Dragon: What right does Blizzard have to tell me how to play their game, that they created, in their beta test, months before anyone else, for free... Soulless Dragon is very confused!

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