Resident, Uh... Something

Cast: Gabe, Tycho

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{Gabe and Tycho are stood either side of a picture of Resident Evil 0. Gabe has a pointing stick, pointing at the picture. Tycho is holding said picture.}
Gabe: Examination of the top right quadrant of the screenshot reveals none other than Sonic The Hedgehog. Experts believe that he, as well as Tails, are playable in this version.
Tycho: We think this guy on the left might be a... Guy. The zombie, seen at the top, appears to sport a jaunty chapeau made of white light.
Gabe: The character appears to be aiming his weapon off panel. Our painstaking research concludes that his enemy is the one and only Shinobi, of Shinobi fame.
Tycho: Can there be any doubt that the Umbrella Corporation has harnessed his DNA, to field an unstoppable army of zombie ninjas?

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