As Spring Dawns

Cast: Cardboard Tube Samurai, Tonkatsu, Man ("Tall"), Man ("Spear"), Man ("Sword")

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{CTS and Tonkatsu are walking through the forest.}
CTS: I should tell you that we are surrounded, so you are not surprised when they attack.

Panel 2

{Tall is holding a net behind a pile of rocks.}
CTS: {voice-over} They will reveal themselves at the Bridge-Of-Two-Paths.
CTS: {voice-over} The tall man will strike first. He carries a net.

Panel 3

{Spear is stood behind a rock near a bridge.}
CTS: {voice-over} The second man, the one with the spear, imagines that he will find me bound up.

Panel 4

{Sword is stood behind a tree with a tiger tattoo on him. He is stood near the bridge.}
CTS: {voice-over} The third man, we will call him Sword, I have fought before. This will be the last time.
CTS: {voice-over} The fourth man, their leader, will run to the mountains when he sees his scheme in ruins.
CTS: {voice-over} Do not worry, Tonkatsu. We are not at the bridge yet.

Panel 5

{Back to CTS and Tonkatsu. Zoomed in on CTS.}
CTS: Until then, we are here - enclosed by Spring.

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