In The Lair Of The Semicolon

Cast: Semicolon, Mr. Period

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Tycho's Penny Arcade.

Panel 1

{The Semicolon is above the ground.}
Semicolon: I have long defied you and your Bad Boys of Punctuation, Mr. Period! Using the Semicolon can sometimes be a tricky proposition from a syntactical perspective!

Panel 2

{Mr. Period is on the other side of the chasm.}
Semicolon: Your captivity will erode the very foundation of grammar. In its place, I will erect rogue formulations of standard speech! Your precious English will be a reeking cesspit on par with the AIM instant messaging client! And now you will DIE on the opposite side of this impassable chasm!

Panel 3

{Mr. Period appears next to the sentence "While running to the store, a leopard nearly bit me"}
Mr. Period: NO! Participles, why must you dangle so! I am undone by the lax writing environment I hoped to create!

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