Delusions Of Gondor

Cast: Tycho, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A spider looms unnoticed above Gabe and Tychos Lord of the Ring Online characters. Gabes elf is looking down at Tycho, who is playing a halfling with a lute.}
Gabe: What in the hell?
Tycho: I'm a minstrel. With my lute Songbird, I can weave potent mystical songs that can heal - or harm.

Panel 2

{The spider lunges and starts pulling Gabe into the tree. Tycho looks concerned.}
Gabe: Well, that sounds like a lot of bullshit. I think you need to re-rOH NO! HELP! HELP, OH! PLEASE!

Panel 3

{Tycho is now seen sitting on a rock smiling playing a song on his lute, as Gabe's blood rains down from above.}

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