Treachery In 1080i

Cast: Gabe, Kara

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Box at the top. Gabe and Kara are stood facing each other.}
Gabe: You know how you're always trying to get me to watch Phantom of the Opera, and I said I won't watch it because I'm scared of ghosts, and then you say there's no ghosts in it, but I've already left the room?
Kara: {annoyed} Yes.

Panel 2

{Gabe pulls out Phantom of the Opera on HD-DVD. Kara gets excited and looks extremely happy.}
Gabe: Well, I was at the store, and I got this today.
Kara: {happily} For me?
Gabe: No, honey. For us.
Kara: {excited} Can we watch it right now?

Panel 3

{Gabe opens the HD-DVD box and is rummaging around in it. Gabe is smiling.}
Gabe: Absolutely. I just need to hook up this HD-DVD player first. Then a bunch of the guys are coming over to watch Doom.

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