Patient Zero

Cast: Man #1, Man #2, Gabe, Scott Kurtz

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Man #1 offers his hand to Gabe, who is obviously sick. Gabe shies away from the man.}
Gabe: I'm super sick, man. You don't want to shake my hand.

Panel 2

{Man #2 offers his hand to Gabe. Gabe recoils and puts his hands up as if to defend from the man's hands.}
Gabe: No, seriously. You don't want this. I think it's the hand herpes.

Panel 3

{Gabe is using both hands to vigorously shake Scott Kurtz's hand. He is also breathing droplets of pestilence all over Scott.}
Gabe: Steve Kuntz! I love your work.
Scott Kurtz: My name is Scott Kurtz.
Gabe: Is it? That's great.

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