He Could Have Been Nicer To Those Babies

Cast: Man, Asshole, Old Man, Baby #1, Baby #2

Transcript Edit

Oh no, Assholes! Live is down this Wednesday! Whatever will you do?

Panel 1

{Asshole is stood behind Man, pointing at himself with thumb. Box at top.}
Box: Tell people you don't know how high you are right now.
Asshole: I'm so high right now.

Panel 2

{Scene change. Asshole is knocking over a game of Checkers with the old man. Box at top.}
Box: Play games with strangers, and run away before the end!
Asshole: Heh heh! Not today, old man!

Panel 3

{Scene change. Asshole is swinging extremely high in between two children on their own swings. Box at top.}
Box: Basically just act like a cock.
Asshole: What do you think about this shit, babies? You can't swing this high.

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