Pay Attention

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Panel 1

{View of the briefcase. Box at top. Box at bottom.}
Box: Every time I start to think that people are about as dumb they can be, it's like their idiot scientists invent some new kind of stupid. As an example, let's take the briefcase in Soldier of Fortune 2.
Box: We can't let you take it. It's our job. And your useless brain calls that camping?

Panel 2

{Scene change. Briefcase is on a table with a note on it reading "DO NOT TAKE!" Box at top.}
Box: Well, do you have any suggestions as to how we should defend it? Leave a note on it, maybe?

Panel 3

{Scene change. View of a postcard. Box at top.}
Box: Maybe we should just not be there to begin with! We can send it a postcard every now and then, just to see how it's doing.
Postcard: Dear Briefcase, How are you? I hope you are good. Has anyone captured you yet? Please write back! xoxoxo Gabriel.

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