Reunion Tour

Cast: Gabe, Tycho, Ben

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe is stood behind the couch looking down. Tycho is sat on the couch looking down the other way.}
Gabe: Hey.
Tycho: Hey.
Gabe: So, Gamestop buying EB. I was trying to make a comic about it, but I just couldn't get the words right.

Panel 2

{Gabe raises his hands in the air. Tycho tilts his eyes to look at Gabe.}
Tycho: I was having a hard time communicating the concept visually.
Gabe: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Tycho: I, um... Maybe.
Gabe: {happily} I'm talking about getting the band back together. I can draw a little, you can write, and Ben can play the guitar!

Panel 3

{Scene change. Ben is playing the electric guitar.}
Tycho: {voice-over} I'm in. Ben, what do you think?

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