Read It Before They Take Legal Action

Cast: Gabe, Tycho, Woman

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Panel 1

{Gabe and Tycho are stood next to each other. Tycho has his arms crossed. A woman, who is facing away from the audience and behind a counter, is saluting a picture of Hitler.}
Gabe: Hey, we're here for our 10 o'clock meeting.
Tycho: It was something about fucking us up the ass.

Panel 2

{Panel pans the front of the woman. Tycho is hiding behind Gabe, who has his hand raised slightly.}
Tycho: {scared} Oh my God! They're Nazis!
Gabe: No, she's just... She's kinda straightening that picture.
Tycho: It's a picture of Hitler.

Panel 3

{Pans behind Gabe and Tycho. Tycho is facing away from the audience. Gabe is looking at Tycho.}
Woman: Heil, mein fuhrer!
Gabe: Alright, yeah. That lady is a fucking nazi.

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