Tormented, Science-Fiction Youth

Cast: Father, Katya, Mother, New Found Glory

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Panel 1

{Father and Katya are stood facing each other.}
Father: Katya, we're rebels. I won't have you dating a junior officer!
Katya: You're just a clone of my dad - I don't have to do what you say! And Brian and I are going to prom.
Katya: On Coruscant, capital of the Empire!

Panel 2

{Father is off panel. Mother has placed her hand on Katya's shoulder, as she turns to learn at her mother.}
Mother: Katya... I just got off the comlink with Medical Frigate X7-T. Brian was killed in a speeder bike accident!
Katya: That can't be... I'm pregnant with his Imperial child!

Panel 3

{Scene change. New Found Glory are stood looking towards the audience. Headline at top.}
Headline: Next week, New Found Glory guest stars on a very special Star Wars...

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