Sometimes Things Cost Money

Cast: Man, Owner

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The Man and the Owner are stood facing each other. The owner is tapping his cigar.}
Man: Hey, about the rent... Basically, everything should be free. See, ideas are the only real currency, and...
Owner: Son, let me tell you a little story.

Panel 2

{Owner puts the cigar in his mouth and starts smoking.}
Owner: I knew a guy once. Looking a lot like you. Didn't have his rent check. So, I kicked his ass out on the street - shoveled all his things into a furnace. Parents came by looking for him, I told them he ran off with some dude. Right now, he's thinking about drinking his own pee.

Panel 3

Man: You don't understand. I'm freely exchanging ideas in a non-competitive environment!
Owner: Ain't that something! I'm doing a little ex-changing of my own! I'm exchanging your broke ass, for a man who can pay the rent. Me and you, we's like kindred spirits.

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