Red & Blue: Episode One

Cast: Blue Soldier, Red, Blue Leader

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Soldier and Red are stood facing each other.}
Red: Is this the Inferno base? I've got an order here to clean the flag.
Soldier: Nobody told me about any flag cleaning.

Panel 2

{Red pulls out a sheet of paper.}
Red: Got the work order right here. It's all very official.
Soldier: Well, uh... Sure, no harm in a little flag cleaning. So you'll bring it right back?
Red: Oh yeah.

Panel 3

{Red leaves. Leader arrives. Soldier is indicating "small" with his hand.}
Soldier: Don't worry about the flag, cleaner just picked it up. They're going to polish that little dealie on the top, I guess that usually costs extra.
Leader: The Cleaners?
Soldier: It's cool, it's cool. I said "No Starch."

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