Occupational Hazard

Cast: Man, Mary

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Panel 1

{A man is sat in front of his computer, looking at the audience with his hands raised slightly.}
Man: Like I was saying, I think that gaming magazines are here to stay. In fact, I've got something planned for next month that'll really frost your... {BING-BONG} Oh, sorry - that's just my bing-bong. I've got a little e-mail, hang on.

Panel 2

{The panel is panning behind the man's head. He is reading an e-mail.}
Man: Let's see what we... Oh, that's my Halo 2 exclusive. Someone just mailed me a copy of my exclusive, and it's... out on the Internet where everyone can read it. And not buy it. Heh! Hmm.

Panel 3

{The man is bleeding from the eye. He has put his hand on the bleeding eye. Blood is dripping over his desk.}
Man: Mary, I'm feeling a level of pain that I didn't know was possible. You know, it really is excruciating. So if you could cancel my two o'clock, and, I'll tell you what - send Bob in just to shoot my head, that'd be great, thanks.

Panel 4

{Zoom into the man's hand. The watch is covered in blood. Man and Mary are off panel.}
Mary: Your two o'clock is here, sir.
Man: Is it two already? I couldn't see my watch, it was covered with blood.

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