Unique Fauna

Cast: Gabe, Live Gamer

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Panel 1

{Gabe is playing Gears of War, and chatting with one of the players.}
Gabe: Your handle is "Kill The Christians"?
Live Gamer: Yeah, how crazy is that shit? It means I want to kill sixty percent of the population. Somebody should switch it to assassination!
Tycho: You like assassination, huh? You like assassinating? People?

Panel 2

{Now we see the person Gabe is talking to. An overweight, crazy looking half naked man sitting on a raggedy lazyboy. A bird is perched behind him as he talks into his headset.}
Live Gamer: Did you know that ninety percent... Did you know that, like, a hundred percent of the meat we eat is, like, squirrels?
Live Gamer: One hamburger is, like... ten squirrels.

Panel 3

{Gabe is viewing "KILLTHECHRISTIANS" Gamer Profile. Gabe selects the "Call The Fucking Police" menu option, which is directly below "mute" and "remove friend" options.}
Gabe: That's cool. You're a cool guy. Hold on a second.

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