Blah Blah Blah(TM)

Cast: Man, Bob

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Panel 1

{Man has his fist clenched, facing the audience. Picture shows MSN Hotmail logo.}
Man: We at Microsoft would like to set the record straight about our devotion to your privacy. Which is to say, we're devoted. A lot.

Panel 2

{Man shows audience picture by opening hand. Picture is a chicken.}
Man: In fact, many people don't appreciate just how much we've done for them. Things like licorice, fluffy clouds, and baby chicks are all a part of the Microsoft family of products.

Panel 3

{Man points towards audience. Picture is of Bob Smith.}
Man: But if we were watching you, Bob Smith - of 34 West Chestnut Street - we'd take a minute to tell you that that shirt and those pants should not be worn together.

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