Hello Panda

Cast: Tycho, Gabe, Kid

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Panel 1

{Gabe's legs are seen. Tycho is sat in a comfortable chair with his hand raised slightly.}

Panel 2

{Continuation of last panel. Gabe is lying on the Penny Arcade convention table. A kid is looking on. Gabe covered in food waste. Tycho is off panel.}
Gabe: You need to have one of these koala things, they're delicious. I had about sixty of these Neko-Chans too. I can't move.
Tycho: {off panel} Don't you have diabetes?
Gabe: A little bit, yeah.
Tycho: {off panel} I'm calling an ambulance.
Gabe: Wait, come closer. Tell them...

Panel 3

{Zoom into Gabe whispering into Tycho's ear. Tycho is staring at the audience.}
Gabe: ...tell them to bring more Pocky.

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