Twisp & Catsby in: The Crocotillian

Cast: Twisp, Catsby, Frog

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Twisp and Catsby's silhouettes are entering the Crocotillian. Entirely zoomed out.}

Panel 2

{Zoomed in. Catsby and Twisp have menus. A frog in a hot air balloon is serving them.}
Frog: Good morning! What will be for eating?
Catsby: The roast beef. And for you, Twisp?
Twisp: Exuberance!

Panel 3

{Frog is flying away. Twisp has his beef and is holding a fork. Both have lost their menus.}
Catsby: These beefs are tender. And the exuberance?
Twisp: Insubstantial!

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