Armadeaddon is a storyline in the Penny Arcade comic continuity, primarily based on the game Dead Rising.

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Gabe and Tycho enter the mall to buy themselves a copy of Dead Rising, when they discover that, ironically, the entire complex is filled with the undead. With no other option, they climb onto the cellular shack, and begin throwing mobile phones at the raging zombies.

Meanwhile, Frank has pulled out his gun, Mabel, and leaves his store to fight off the new enemies. He finds people crowding around a Macintosh, believing them to be the walking dead, but Charles convinces him otherwise.

The main duo end up running out of weaponary, apart from N-Gages, which Tycho feels is not worthy to throw at the undead. Gabe comes up with a back-up plan.

Simultaneously, Annarchy and Galahad are within the House of Cutlery, as Annarchy slays the undead with a bat'leth she has acquired. During this time, she breaks up with Galahad, as she likes him, but is not in love with him.

Soon, Gabe and Tycho reach the Kitsch 'N Kitchens store, where they end up cornered by the window. Luckily, a kitchen appliance, the Fruit Fucker 2000, comes to life and escapes, joining the two in their fight for survival. Disgustingly, the Fruit Fucker starts to turn all the undead monsters into juice, and, as Gabe interestingly discovers in the manual, this is due to the "Code Omega", which comes into effect during an "undead plague".

All the survivors meet up; Annarchy and Galahad break the news to Tycho that they have broken up, Frank asks for Gabe's pants, and Charles can hear clapping. It turns out that Jim, Tycho and Gabe's old roommate, is the true necromancer, working behind the scenes that occured. Although Gabe is happy to see his friend, Tycho pulls out his D20, and challenges Jim to "roll for initiative".

As the survivors look on in anticipation, the dice lands on "twenty", and Jim has lost the duel, for Tycho has won initiative. The undead necromancer accepts defeat and rounds up his fellow undead, with one particular Zombie looking back at the group in despair. Jim cannot believe the roll, and states that it was a "hell of a roll."

Finally, as the epilogue sets in, Gabe goes to Pantz to buy new pants, Galahad reads the Klingon dictionary, and Tycho looks fondly at a picture of himself, Gabe, and Jim before Jim died.

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