It's Fun To Meet New People

Cast: Prisoner, Developer

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Panel 1

{Prisoner is immitating holding eyes in front of his eyes. Developer is sat next to him.}
Prisoner: I cut out a man's eyes, then I help them up to my own eyes, and I pretended they were my new eyes and I said, "I can see you! I can see you!" How about you, man?
Developer: I used to work at Midway. I decided not to put multiplayer in the game Freaky Flyers.

Panel 2

{Prisoner and Developer look at each other. Developer points at Prisoner.}
Prisoner: Shit, man - I played that game. It would have been great online! Damn, you're crazy! I mean, I'm crazy, but you...
Developer: You cut out a man's eyes!
Prisoner: Hey, don't go comparing my eye shit with what you did. It's not even close.

Panel 3

{Prisoner puts his arm around the Developer.}
Prisoner: So, did you want to have sex now, or anything? It's kind of what we do around here.

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