Star Wars: A New Joke

Cast: Gabe, Tycho, R2-D2

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Panel 1

{Gabe and Tycho are sat at the table. Gabe is dressed as Luke, Tycho is Han Solo. R2-D2 is moving past the two.}
Gabe: She just doesn't get it. She's all, "You'd rather play that Starsiege: Tribes, or whatever, instead of see me."

Panel 2

{R2-D2 moves along. Tycho raises his hand and looks behind himself.}
Tycho: So what did you say?
Gabe: Nothing, really.

Panel 3

{R2-D2 continues moving. Tycho lowers his hand.}
Gabe: I mean, you know how much concentration it takes to fly those scouts.
Tycho: True dat.

Panel 4

{Scene change. Black background. Tycho's head is at the left, Gabe's head is at the right.}
Gabe: You know, back in, back in '97...
Tycho: It was '98.
Gabe: '98? You know, back then, we just didn't have the technology to do this. In the original version, it was all stop-motion puppets and dogs in masks.
Tycho: I remember this! Wasn't this the day you showed up wasted, with those two hookers?
Gabe: Good times.

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