There Is A New Institute

Cast: Bill, Man

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Bill is on the laptop. Man is stood next to Bill, with his arms raised in confusion.}
Man: Wow. You sure owned those guys in that online game.
Bill: Yeah... But I see you're still teh n00bz0rz.
Man: What's your secret?

Panel 2

{Man and Bill look at the laptop closer.}
Man: Teh Newbian Institute For Madder Skillz?
Bill: Call them. I'm glad I did.
Man: Thanks, Bill. I'll call TODAY!

Panel 3

{Advertisement of Teh Newbian Institute For Madder Skillz.}
Advertisement: Get Your Degree In Any Of These Fields:
- Pwning Bitches
- Power-Leveling
- Helicopter Pilot
- Duping
- Headshots
- Elite Mobs
"Newbian Institute For Madder Skills FTW"

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