Warren Spectre

Cast: Ghost, Soldier, Private

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A ghost is stood facing soldier and private. Ghost is looking at the audience.}
Ghost: Did you notice that, in order to enter this room, I had to physically open the door? I couldn't just pass through it like a ghost would.
Private: Good for you.

Panel 2

{Ghost leans forward a bit. Soldier and Private look at each other.}
Soldier: Yeah, that's really... good.
Ghost: I often interact with physical objects. In fact, I enjoy it.
Ghost: Man. Don't you guys just love your corporeal bodies?

Panel 3

{Private looks behind himself. Ghost gets excited.}
Ghost: Hey, after work, let's ingest plant and animal matter. What do you say?
Private: Uh, hmm. I guess that would be alright.
Ghost: Awesome. We'll digest it, and be nourished!

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