Can You Tell Me How To Get

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{Full route leads from teh top of America to Mexico.}
{Purple line leading into a Mexican bar.}

Number Directions Miles
1 Start on 6TH AVE 0.0
2 No, Wait 0.1
3 Did I say 6TH? 0.0
4 I meant 7TH Whoops
5 Drive Towards Canada  ?
6 You will see a GUY Guy
7 It's Cool, I KNOW Him It's Cool
8 He will tell you a NUMBER Like "6"
9 This NUMBER doesn't mean ANYTHING Nope
10 But it corresponds to a COLOR on a CHART in a SAFE Whoa
11 Also in the SAFE is a PARROT Caw
12 This PARROT totally knows how to get there Totally
13 He's really SMART PhD
14 What's so great about CANADA, anyway Yeah
15 I say we go to MEXICO  !
16 By this time tomorrow we can be doing BODY SHOTS off HOOKERS in some MEXICAN HELLHOLE Body Shots

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