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Cast: Charles, Gabe

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Panel 1

{Charles is stood next to a board. A picture of the G4 Cube is on it. Charles is pointing to it with a stick.}
Charles: You've seen the G4 Cube, right? Did you take your pants off, cover yourself in Nutella, and... No? Uh, me neither!

Panel 2

{G4 Cube turns into a stick man with fire eyes and mouth. Gabe's head pops out of the left.}
Charles: They would have shipped with ATI's Radeon - but when they let slip info about Apple's new machines, Steve Jobs went ballistic - shooting fire from his motuh and eyes!
Gabe: Yeah, but it's just a stupid Mac!

Panel 3

{Charles goes off-panel. "Shut Your Pie Hole" is written in dingbats.}
Charles: What does this say?
Gabe: Okay... S-hut.. Shut, y plus oar... Shut your pie hole?

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