This Explains Everything

Cast: Alien, Human

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Panel 1

{A message is shown to the audience.}
Text: In the beginning...
Text: How All The Trouble Started

Panel 2

{Scene change. Alien and Human are stood facing each other. Alien has a Wham! shirt on and holding a book. Human is holding a book and pointing at himself with thumb.}
Alien: When you borrowed my Wham! album, you said you'd give it right back!
Human: I don't even like Wham!
Alien: You said you needed it for a mix tape!

Panel 3

{Alien points at Human and starts slobbering. Human lowers his hand.}
Human: Oooooh... That Wham! tape. I left it in my car, man. It, like, totally melted.
Alien: You owe me one "Make It Big" by Wham!. I'll never forgive you! NEVER!

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