Armadeaddon: Grim Exodus

Cast: Charles, Frank, Annarchy, Galahad, Gabe, Tycho, Jim, Zombie

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The dice is rolled.}

Panel 2

{Charles and Frank are staring in anticipation.}

Panel 3

{The dice bounces upwards.}

Panel 4

{Annarchy and Galahad are staring in anticipation.}

Panel 5

{The dice hits the ground.}

Panel 6

{Gabe has got a cinnamon roll and is eating it, looking away from the ground.}

Panel 7

{The dice stays still; on twenty.}

Panel 8

{Tycho's face covers the panel, as he stares with a hint of victory.}

Panel 9

{Jim stands next to Tycho and looks at the dice. Tycho looks at Jim.}
Jim: Oh, a twenty. Wow. What are the chances?
Tycho: About one in twenty.

Panel 10

{Jim moves away and stands next to several zombies, waving to catch the undeads' attention. Tycho off panel.}
Jim: Alright guys, we lost! He rolled a twenty! I was afraid that might happen.

Panel 11

{Jim walks away with the undead, as Zombie looks back at Tycho.}
Jim: Boy that was a really good roll. Heck of a roll.

Trivia Edit

  • Tycho's mastery of rolling twenties is a reference to "The Skills".
  • Gabe has a cinnamon roll, which references "Substantial!".

Trivia Edit

  • Jim was last seen as a skeleton in "The Jim Saga, Part Three".
  • Interesting to note, Jim's saving throw on his shirt was one when he was found, but in this storyline, it has increased to twenty.

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