How Could They Do Such A Thing

Cast: Man, Hooker, Hooker, Hooker

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Man: Fuck you, Nintendo - and fuck your Crystal Chronicles!
Man: So if I want to play your game, I've got to buy your system? Then I have to buy four GBA's!
Man: Oh, yeah - I guess I'll also need a TV!
Man: Now I need a house to put this TV in!
Man: And I don't have any friends, so I'll have to play the game with three hookers!
Man: I can't just sit there naked! Now I have to buy Clothes! I'll need food if I'm going to stay conscious.
Man: I'm gonna need a chair to sit on.
Man: Now I'm half-million dollars in the hole, and I'm sucking dicks in the bathroom at the Olive Garden. Thanks a lot, Nintendo!

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