Demons, Demons Everywhere

Cast: Raikoh Minamoto, Psychiatrist

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Raikoh is at the other side of a desk, facing away from the audience but at the psychiatrist, who is holding a picture.}
Raikoh: That's a demon.
Psychiatrist: Yes, yes, Raikoh from Otogi, the hit new action game by From Software. You've seen a demon in every one of my cards. And the water cooler.

Panel 2

Raikoh: That was a water demon.
Psychiatrist: I think you have some kind of obsession with demons.
Raikoh: That's hardly fair.

Panel 3

{Zoom into Raikoh's upper body. Psychiatrist is off panel.}
Psychiatrist: {off panel} What do you think of when I say "potato"?
Raikoh: Demons. Ah, yeah. I see what you mean.

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