I'll Form The Etc

Cast: Gabe, Tycho

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Panel 1

{Gabe and Tycho are stood facing each other. Tycho has his hand raised slightly.}
Tycho: So, did you read that article about the Playstation 3?
Gabe: Yeah, I tried to. It didn't make any sense.
Tycho: Well, it's not... It's not hard. Individual Playstation 3 processors combine to form more powerful hardware.

Panel 2

{Tycho indicates "small" with his hand.}
Gabe: That's what I didn't get.
Tycho: well, it's like Voltron.
Gabe: Oh, robot cats. So they're using robot cats.
Tycho: No... Smaller.
Gabe: You mean, like, kittens.
Tycho: No. Hmm.

Panel 3

{Gabe points at Tycho. Tycho opens both his hands out.}
Tycho: Uh, you know how Devastator is strong, right?
Gabe: Well, of course. He's the strongest of the Decepticons.
Tycho: And why is that?
Gabe: Because he harnesses the combined power of... Ooooohhhhh.

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