Armadeaddon: The Black Orchard

Cast: Man, Guy, Frank, Dude, Person, Male, Charles

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Frank is looking at the Mac Pro, with Man, Guy, Dude, and Person surrounding either side of the Mac Pro.}
People: Leeooooooopaaaaarrrrd... Leeooooooopaaaaaaarrrrrd!
Frank: Goddamn communists.

Panel 2

{Panel pans in front of Male, Charles, and Frank. Charles has his hands raised slightly, stood next to Frank. Frank has his gun raised.}
Frank: Just look at 'em. Stumblin' around with those dead eyes. I've seen that stare. I've stared that stare.
Charles: Not zombies! We're not zombies!

Panel 3

{Zoom in on Charles and Frank. Charles points upwards. Frank lowers his gun and starts sniffing.}
Frank: And that stench! It's the stick of death.
Charles: No, no! It's patchouli!

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