Brenna Brahe is Tycho Brahe's wife with whom she has a son and daughter. She is based on comic writer Jerry Holkins' wife, Brenna Holkins.

Appearance Edit

Brenna wears a pair of glasses and a black t-shirt with olive jeans. She originally wore a pink t-shirt instead, but had a style change as the comic progressed. She has red hair and freckles.

History Edit

Tycho once accidentally killed her after imitating a move from Splinter Cell. He then sued France for two million dollars and paid a mad scientist to make a robot duplicate of Brenna. However, the scientist instead gave him a bucket on a skateboard and fled with his money.

The Fruit Fucker 2000 once became obsessed with Brenna and would often stalk her and touch her hair at night, forcing her and Kara to capture it and ship it off to a remote island.

Tycho once used his Kinect to see what a great lover he was with his wife. The machine called him a failure at every turn to the point where he "lost at sexing".

When Brenna and Tycho began losing the spark in their love life, they agreed to bring something new into the bedroom in order to spice things up. however Brenna interpreted this as including another person in their sex lives whereas Tycho interpreted it as including bizarre animal accoutrements. She and the handsome man she invited for a threesome found a naked Tycho wearing a horse head in the bedroom much to his embarrassment.

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