Club PA Is a now defunct exclusive club for Penny Arcade members to join for a certain fee. It gained access to special features such as wallpapers and comics drawn and written by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins respectively. It was announced that it would close on October 1, 2003. In early 2007, Gabe and Tycho gave the OK to open up the content to registered users of the forums.

Features Edit

Club PA gained special features every so often, usually once a month, where they get to see several insights into the making of the comic and other such deeds.

One of the first chronicled extras was the addition of a Club PA board on the forums. This allowed the members to have a community chat with each other about the club and its gifts.

Later, they recieved a few different subjects over how the comic is created artistically and linguistically. Mike covered the former and Jerry took the latter.


  • Over Easy - An 8-page comic about two crooked cops. Reprinted in Penny Arcade Volume 2.
  • Purity - A 5-page black and white Cardboard Tube Samurai comic. Reprinted in Penny Arcade Volume 2 and on the website in 2006.
  • Cardboard and Steel - A coloured version of the 8-page comic that appeared on the website.
  • Saved Games with Father Ward - Another Father Ward strip. Reprinted in Penny Arcade Volume 3.
  • 2 exclusive PA strips.
  • Extra E3 sketch - Another sketch from E3 2002.
  • First Ever PA Strip - The first comic strip ever drawn for Penny Arcade.
  • Scott Thigpen art - Tycho commissioned this piece of art from Scott, and released it to Club PA members.
  • Other art, from both Gabe and fans.

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