Tycho as a child with his mother and father

Daddy Brahe is the father of Tycho Brahe and Mr. Forthwith. He was once married to Mummy Brahe before leaving the family.

History Edit

Daddy and Mummy Brahe took a young and reluctant Tycho on many horrifying road trips during his childhood, which included visiting mud pits, Idaho's Biggest Shitfarm and a spaghetti hair restaurant made from actual hair. These road trips greatly traumatized the young Tycho, giving him a deep hatred of road trips.

Later on during Tycho's teenage years, Daddy walked out on Mummy for the rest of her days, for reasons unknown at this moment in time. Mummy would then place the blame of his leaving on Tycho, feeding him lies that his disgusting evil-filled body was the reason he left (which was in fact puberty) and she would continue to physically and mentally abuse him for many years.

Daddy Brahe's current whereabouts are unknown, though on April 1st, 1999 Gabe happily proclaimed to Tycho that he found his birth father and that he wanted to see his son again, which deeply moved Tycho to tears, Gabe then grinned in his face and told him "April Fool's You Dumb Fucker!".

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