David King is a protagonist that can be chosen in the game, Resident Evil Outbreak.

History Edit

David had successfully collected an octogonical crank for use later on in the game. However, he was no help, as Kevin Ryman and George Hamilton were trying to solve the crest and jewel.

Filmography Edit

David King

David King is a video game character appearing in the Resident Evil series. David is one of the main characters in Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

"A quiet worker, David doesn't talk much about his past. It's not because he's unfriendly; he's simply a man of few words. With sharp eyesight and deft movements with his knife, he proves his worth getting around in a scene of bloodshed."

David's past is never discussed within the game. His Special Items hint that he was once a juvenile delinquent, perhaps explaining his prowess with knives. Other Special Items suggest he is possibly a Native American, that he collects weaponry and tools, and that he is self-reliant to a fault. David is fascinated by Japanese history and culture, especially in relation to strength and "Bushido", also known as the "way of the warrior." He likens himself to a lion: strong, adaptive, resilient, fierce and dominant. His pride in this comparison is displayed through his clothing, tools and equipment.

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