Hookworm Adventures

Cast: Tycho, Gabe

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Panel 1

{Tycho begins to converse with Gabe, generally enthused, while Gabe looks at him sternly as he speaks.}
Tycho: So I got this hammer, in Bookworm Adventures? Yeah, it deals extra damage when I spell words related to metal.
Gabe: Okay, I'm going to listen to this, but just so we're clear: this is your Christmas present.

Panel 2

{Tycho continues his enthusiasm, while Gabe begins to drift to sleep.}
Gabe: Wow That Sounds So Interesting
Tycho: Yeah, so if I use words like alloy, or tin, or iron, or silver, or cesium, or...

Panel 3

{Gabe looks to have snapped, and escapes into his mind for resolve. His thoughts obscure Tycho's text to some degree.}
Tycho: tungsten, heh, oh, tungsten.. platinum would work, shiny's in th[...] steel, aluminum ([...] English spelling), [...] Maybe. Mayb[...] Oh, m[...]
Gabe: [thinking] Why does he think spelling is so cool? Cool Runnings was a good movie. Is John Candy dead? God damn I love candy. Who invented candy?
Gabe: [thinking] Maybe John Candy invented Candy.
Gabe: [thinking] That would make a lot of sense.

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