A Penetrating Look

Cast: Mr.face, Th3dkb4ndt

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{New avatars are being crated in frame 1, some appear incomplete. "Mr.face" appears.}
Narration Box: Your First Six Minutes With Playstation Home
Narration Box: After loading your apartment and creating a lifeless mannequin, you'll shuffle out into a sterile purgatory full of ghosts.

Panel 2

{Scene changes following Mr.face to the bowling alley, all the lanes are in use by various avatars.}
Narration Box: Starved for entertainment, you'll enter an arcade. You want to bowl, but all the imaginary lanes are taken.

Panel 3

{View shifts to behind Mr.face showing a new avatar Th3dkb4ndt grabbing Mr.face's hips.}
Th3dkb4ndit: i m fucking ur a**
Narration Box: Shortly thereafter, you will be raped.

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