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Cast: Tycho, Gabe

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Panel 1

{Gabe is standing beside Tycho, his eyes taunt with some kind of fright as he holds a Nintendo Wii Remote in his hand, while Tycho manages to look apathetic throughout his speech.}
Gabe: People are getting hurt playing the Wii, and they're squeezing millions out of Nintendo.
Tycho: Are they?
Gabe: I don't know.

Panel 2

{Gabriel raises the Wiimote up, clutching it with both hands.}
Gabe: But it's time for Daddy to get his piece.
Gabe: So I need the worst Wii injury yet. It's got to be bad.
Tycho: You could cram it up your urethra.

Panel 3

{Gabe lowers the Wiimote off-screen to better explain to Tycho, who is wincing at Gabe's words.}
Gabe: I would, but I had my urethra removed when I was ten.
Tycho: Really? Your urethra.
Gabe: Oh yeah. They let me eat all the ice cream I wanted.

Sarcastic Yet Serious Warning Edit

"Please do not cram your Wiimotes in your urethra, thank you." ~Penny Arcade Wikia Editors

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