Cast: Man, Broccoli

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Panel 1

{Man is scratching the back of his head. Box at top.}
Box: In a bold move, news juggernaut IGN rocked the world by reporting what Nintendo's "Megaton" announcement was not.
Man: I don't think they're going to buy Capcom. I don't know. I guess they might.

Panel 2

{Scene change. A broccoli with legs, glasses and a hat is stood at a blackboard. Box at top.}
Box: You know what else it isn't? People at Nintendo aren't an ancient race of genius vegetables.

Panel 3

{Back to Man. Man has stopped scratching and has lowered his hand slightly. Box at top.}
Box: Go undercover with IGN's guerrilla journalists, as they uncover shocking details about the future of Sega.
Man: I guess they're going to make another Sonic game? Maybe.

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