A Tradition Of Deceit

Cast: Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe and Tycho are sat on a bench, in the snow. They are wearing snow clothes.}
Gabe: I heard that Shenmue III was in development at Microsoft, under the watchful eye of Ed Fries.
Tycho: Where did you hear that?
Gabe: It's a site called GameDreamZzz.

Panel 2

{Tycho raises his hand. Gabe is amazed.}
Tycho: I've never even heard of those guys. Look, they're probably making shit up to get a littl traffic. It can be difficult to toil in obscurity. I'd make stuff up to.
Tycho: Like, uh... Did you hear that the new Splinter Cell game is a kart racer? Yeah. You race against terrorists. In the dark.

Panel 3

{Tycho lowers his hand as Gabe raises his.}
Gabe: Wicked!
Tycho: No. See, that was an example of me making stuff up. Everything I just said was a lie.
Gabe: Everything?
Tycho: Everything I've said since about '96, yeah.

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