House Of Ze Dead

Cast: Interviewer, Uwe Boll

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Panel 1

{Uwe is sat on the chair looking to the interviewer, who is off panel. Uwe has his hand raised slightly.}
Interviewer: {off panel} Mr, Boll, what made you as a director take on a project like House of the Dead?
Uwe: Vell, first, I am hating ze movies.

Panel 2

{Uwe raises both of his hands slightly.}
Uwe: I am also hating ze people who are watching movies.

Panel 3

{Uwe points at the interviewer.}
Interviewer: {off panel} We noticed that you stripped out everything that makes the game itself unique or interesting.
Uwe: Ya, vell you see, it is also ze game I am hating.

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