Seriously, Though, For Real

Cast: Ted, Guy (x3)

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{A man in a grocer-like outfit and a customer are talking, the employee has a nametag that barely reads "TED".}
Guy: I wanted to buy this milk, but there's no milk in here. It's like pretend milk.
Ted: That's just our display milk. That milk won't be available for another six months.
Ted: Hold on, I need to take this.

Panel 2

{Ted picked up the phone, making the same unenthused face as before.}
Ted: This is Foodstop, where you can pre-order shrimp. How can I help you?
Ted: Cheese? We've got cheese. Did you pre-order it?
Ted: You didn't.
Ted: I'm sorry, we only have enough cheese for our pre-order customers.
Ted: We might be getting more in a month.

Panel 3

{A second person comes into the panel, holding a mostly-eaten watermelon, remains of it around his mouth. Ted frowns more so seeing this.}
Guy: Yeah, I heard you guys took in used produce?
Guy: I want to trade this watermelon for two pears.

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