Penny Arcade
Penny Arcade comic
"Shiny's Dave Perry"
Comic no. 7
Character(s) Tycho
Penny Arcade - Year One
December 1998
  1. Requiem:AA - Strip
  2. Video Violence
  3. Planet Proliferation
  4. The Patch Parade
  5. Shiny's Dave Perry
Penny Arcade

Shiny's Dave Perry

Cast: Tycho, Gabe, Girl


Panel 1

{Tycho is stood next to Gabe, who is sat on a chair with a girl on his lap. Tycho is wearing an elf costume and Gabe is Santa.}
Gabe: Huh. So, that'll be A Furby, Pokemons Red and Blue, a Nintendo 64 with Banjo Kazooie cart, and a unicorn? I'm not sure my reindeer can fly with all that!

Panel 2

{Girl climbs off Gabe's knee.}
Girl: {angrily} My mom SAID you were just like Dave Perry! A lot of talk but nothing in the sack!

Panel 3

{Girl leaves. Tycho is holding Gabe back.}
Tycho: Don't worry. Santa left a little surprise in her gas tank.
Gabe: Let me at her. They'll never convict me.

Fun Facts[]

  • Gabe gets his first job here.

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