On Discomfort

Cast: Shahdee, Prince of Persia

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Shahdee is facing the audience in the rain. She has her arms crossed under her breasts.}
Shahdee: Shit. It is really cold out here. I should have brought a jacket! I knew it was going to rain. What was I thinking? Just some pants, even. Well, I am a Time Bitch. I can't come out here in performance fleece.

Panel 2

{Shahdee uncrosses her arms and reaches down for her own arse.}
Shahdee: I'll tell you what. This steel thong? I'm having second thoughts. It'll take a team of spelunkers a week to get this thing out of my ass. Do you hear what I'm telling you? It will be an ordeal. Canaries will go in first. Accidents will happen, and men will die.

Panel 3

{The Prince of Persia arrives to the right with his fist clenched. Shahdee looks at him.}
Prince: I smolder with generic rage.
Shahdee: Sure, secret past, lost love. I am talking about a chunk of metal so far up my ass it's a Goddamn tourist attraction. Families will point and take pictures as their tram winds through my unique internal geography.
Shahdee: Alright? The scenario I'm describing takes place in my colon.

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